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Blanco Denim, the must-have collection for the most urban spring.

Madrid, 11 April 2016

Based on a clearly cosmopolitan inspiration and with the vocation of being essential, the new Blanco Denim line makes its entrance this season with the firm intention of staying for what remains of the year.

From the classic skinny jeans to the newest mummy jeans, with all types of silhouettes considered, in a reinvented collection that once again sets the trend, featuring top garments with improved fabrics and perfect finishes.

Boot cut models that give a slim look to legs with a slightly bell shape, in dark, untreated denim in which buttons are ever-present. Boyfriend and mummy jeans are in this spring, casual models in which the feminine side is emphasised when worn with stilettos or a maxi costume jewellery pieces. Another novelty this spring is the push up model that will lend a hand in showing off curves and is by far the sexiest silhouette. And last of all, the skinny model, one that is no longer considered a trend, but a wardrobe essential that always add variables in the form of changes in colour, washes, acids or rips, all key elements of the collection.

However, this fabric is not only reserved for jeans, for what would our outfits be without a denim jacket or a shirt? Absolutely essential and versatile items that add balance to each look and an informal touch to the most sophisticated moments.



Spring burst strongly at BLANCO. Change of season not only brings new collections that we are willing to try on, but conceptual twists inside the brand that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Irreverent for the season and clearly strategic. Choice of black and white as a mainstay to introduce spring 2016 is something that we have not leave to fate. Always strategically surrounded by soft colors, pinks and greens, that coordinate geometric prints which are completely trend this season, power of chiaroscuro elevates the latest BLANCO collection to the new promising level of style.

Asymmetries on dresses and skirt bottoms star the most disruptive cuttings, always related to classic tailoring of suits and sleek blaisers. Not to mention about shirts, where white leads between all shades of blue. Renovation of leather pieces with an immaculate white that gets along with every spring outfit.

This season is a blast of intense colors and flower prints, which mayor creature will be on pieces like the bomber with spring textures, a must-have piece. Leadership of long-to-feet, especially on dresses, that contributes to a serious and alluring halo for these silk and satin pieces.

Recurrent details, both in clothing and accessories, are frills and fringed, not forgetting one of the most emerging trends of 2016: pleated, finding it on skirts of different lengths and dresses. Complements with details on macramé, gold and ethnics, are the best match to garments with all shades of earth, appealing colors for this time of the year.

On the other hand, a strong trend on modern oriental inspirations arrives abruptly. A hipper Tokyo that bring us microtops combined with tech printed skirts, message t-shirts and a strong conquest of black and white binomial ready to add futuristic prints on silhouettes rubbing a theatrical side.

Beachwear breaks in with bikinis and one piece are so sexy, with loops that hint some skin. On bikinis main trends are bandeau shapes with multipositioning braces and sporty designs like halter tops. Elegant prints or plain colors on a chic swimwear collection where they key is to emboss woman’s body.

BLANCO night look is black, sophisticated and have sequins. Is especially dark and super sexy now. Never miss a transparency and dares to mix varied concepts like shining lurex with knitwear.

New release this season arrives from the first pieces of sportswear collection; a color bang full of vitality and dynamism. This way working out will be something between sexy and fun, full of details on monogram logo that take us back to the happy 90’s.


Nota de Prensa 2015-09 02 Autumn Winter 2015.indd

Rianne Ten Haken stars and New York is the inspiration. SUITEBLANCO invites us to travel with their latest collection for this autumn.

The Big Apple and its city dweller lifestyle inspires the autumn-winter 2015/16 collection by Suiteblanco. This is a transitional collection moving towards new design lines which, under the command of new creative director, Amy Molyneaux, will be available in November.

This collection combines rock elements with femininity. Checked shirts, studs and imitation leather gloves inspire that sexy, confident, feminine look. Gorgeous elements thought for that girl who is always in her stilettos and let her ankles be seen by strategically folding the bottom of her jeans. Regarding everyday trends, autumn coats with lapels and fluid fabrics aim to spruce up your look in the fight against the cold, although fur-detailed hoods effectively keep the first signs of winter.

Basics in this collection include brocade dresses, denim jackets and jewelled details on the necks of blouses and narrow skirts studded with sequins. Fringes remain with the arrival of the new season, as do t-shirts with messages, combined with contemporary items. The collection’s star piece is possibly the imitation leather plaited skirt. It can be worn with t-shirts or blouses with bows and added urban details such as a denim jacket or animal print accessories.

At Suiteblanco, winter clothing is produced in earthy tones, ochre and beige. Knitted polo neck jumpers as well as thick woollen and thread coats can also be found in more stunning, bright colours such as vibrant yellow.



Dreamlike beaches and the latest in bikinis. SUITEBLANCO presents its BEACHWEAR 2015 campaign.

Long days for making the most of sun, sand and sea.  Swimsuits are the most seductive garments for the summer and SUITEBLANCO presents a collection that offers options for all tastes, and above all, fashion.

The rivalry between the “bikini” and the “swimsuit” has now ended, for each option has its own style and time and that is what counts. While the comfort of the bandeaus continues to reign, the undeniable force of V or heart-shaped necklines has made them the most attractive option of the season.

Although black is still a safe bet and infinitely sexy, the cool note this summer comes from the tropical, fruit prints, soft tie-dyes and micro flowers that will brighten up any dip, whether in the sea or in the pool. The broaches and metallic appliqués on the bust add that extra touch of sophistication to the designs, while ruffles, fringes and die-cut elements are a must this summer.

And, as the perfect accompaniment, a whole line of kaftans, sheer dresses and accessories to allow you to enjoy the sunniest of days.

Hello summer, we’ve missed you!


Nota de Prensa 2015-05 01 Sun Sand Summer

SUITEBLANCO makes the most of the sunlight, the force of the sea, the wind and the most vibrant colours to give a special welcome to a new summer. 

If we had to define the HIGH SUMMER collection of the serious fashion label in one word, that word would most certainly be sexy. The effects of the heat and high temperatures are attenuated with cool, sheer fabrics in bright colours and vivid prints.

A young, informal line with that feminine touch that is so characteristic of the firm.

White is the “in” colour this season. Maxi dresses, mini-skirts and embroidered or die-cut tops, vintage-effect shorts… nothing escapes from the power of the purest of all colours. Along with it, and without losing an inch of their appeal, there are looks that range from total white to a burst of colour featuring yellows, turquoises, greens and oranges. The collection includes typically summer tones with a forceful personality, in tropical prints and with attractive and interesting floral and fruit designs that denote pure life.
Bardot necklines that leave the shoulders bare, in tops and dresses inspired by the sea with stripes in differing widths, creating a seductive look for the day and the long summer nights.

The ethnic trend is still present in jewel-like garments and accessories that add the finishing touch to each look. Handbags made of raffia and crochet, flat sandals with appliqués and a thousand bracelets made of leather and beads.


Nota de Prensa 2015-02-01 Shop by Trend2

Total white, a thousand flowers, animal print & polka dots. Suiteblanco puts its faith in the starring trends for spring. 

Now that spring is fast approaching, the new Suiteblanco collection makes way for an attractive wave of trends that are adapted to suit to each woman’s style. Lightweight garments, new prints and comfort for women, to enable them to prepare for the warm weather.

Total white is more popular than the usual black, bringing luminosity and freshness to each look: light blazers, dresses with strategic lines, trousers that enhance the silhouette.. in a firm bid to promote white on white.

Yet another consecutive season in which the animal print has now become more of an institution than a mere trend. Whether in the leopard, tiger version or simulating other animal skins, the “wild” effect functions when combined with felt and textured fabrics, and is perfect for adding an eternally chic, elegant note.

Polka dots will be the starring motif this spring, in both their maxi and mini versions. It’s now mandatory to have at least one garment with dots. Suiteblanco has adopted this trend without hesitation and presents it in different ways, from mini white dots on black skinny jeans, to tops with this typically Spanish motif in a maxi size.

Not to mention flowers. The Spanish firm has taken floral print to its maximum height, making the most of the force and the fragility of this natural element, converting garments and accessories into irresistible elements. Flowers, habitually in soft, balanced tones, will be the starring feature to bring charm to days and nights.

All the trends for a perfect wardrobe this spring are now available in our stores, and in Come and discover them!


Nota de Prensa 2015-01-04 SS15

American model Emily Didonato looks enchanting in a campaign with a focus on white and khaki. SUITEBLANCO presents its spring/summer collection:

Emily Didonato’s hypnotic beauty sets off the Spanish firm’s spring/summer collection.  A fresh campaign to launch a collection of garments that are not only alluring but also extremely comfortable.

Khaki green and luminous white.  An irresistible combination for putting together top-to-toe looks that reinvent the safari trend and transform it into something that verges on the romantic.

The casual effect of jogging trousers and cargo-style shorts teamed with loose blouses and hyper-feminine tops is undoubtedly a controversial yet successful match.  Cotton and linen teamed with gauze and guipure look fabulous and wonderfully sexy.
Dresses take centre stage again in this collection.  Formal or carefree, Suiteblanco has something to delight all tastes.  Some have a certain military air with front pockets and belts and are ideal for everyday wear.  Others are lighter and more sophisticated, with slits, asymmetric details, pretty backs and plunging necklines for wearing on special occasions.
The timeless, stylish raincoat is back and the ideal garment to add to your mid-season wardrobe.  This season you’ll find them easier to wear than ever, as they are now manufactured in light-weight fabrics that fall beautifully to enhance the effect of the entire outfit.

There is nothing like earth and gold coloured accessories to give this adventurous look a touch of city chic.  Suede, with its soft appearance and texture is the ‘in’ material for bags and shoes.  Gold costume jewellery will give the extra glow you want to add to your spring/summer ensembles.


Nota de Prensa 2015-01-03 SS15 Jeans

A new era for Denim. Spanish top model Blanca Padilla presents the latest in SUITEBLANCO jeans.

Without a doubt, this will be one of the winning trends in the upcoming season. Denim fabric transcends its basic status and is set to star in the launching of the new SUITEBLANCO collection. Blanca Padilla, one of today’s most desired Spanish top models, is its ambassador.

Everything from essential jeans to shirts, jackets and skirts that will revive your most feminine side; denim clothing will be what people are talking about this spring.
Denim has an infinite capacity to recreate a variety of different themes, as is demonstrated in the fashion brand’s first campaign in 2015.
In navy blue tones, we find looks that combine comfortable jeans – generally straight capri length or shorts – longer than in previous seasons – with lightweight knit nautical striped T-shirts. A summery touch in which the guiding theme is always indigo blue denim, combined with the three flagship colours of this inexhaustible trend: white, navy blue and touches of red.

During the day, soft forms and combinations. A predominance of sky-blue tones, featuring a washed effect that lightens the range of colours, makes outfits more appealing due to the pleasing nature of the clothing and the concessions to fun elements such as polka dots, discreet tears and floral prints. Although the boyfriend model – which continues to evolve towards a less wide and thus slimmer silhouette – remains as the first choice in terms of comfort, the most important novelty is the return to the bootcut, reminiscent of the bohemian trend that is reborn with the spring.
Short, lightweight guipure tops, with appliqués or semi-transparent, impart romanticism and emerge as the best combination to achieve the sweetest and most feminine look in denim.

Personality is reserved for the realm of 100% denim outfits, which combine different finishes to create successful contrasts. Without a doubt, super skinny trousers – rolled up at the ankles to make them even more evocative, if possible, are the perfect fit if you want to amp up the attraction.

To complete each look and ultimately define your style, footwear is key. For its most informal proposals, SUITEBLANCO is going for casual shoes and wide heeled sandals, along with back-in-style mules, as the perfect solution to make denim the sexiest fabric.


Newsletter 2013-01 13_woman.indd

  • With a responsive design that adapts to any screen -from your computer to your smartphone, including any tablet.
  • Larger and better quality images to appreciate every detail.
  • Searches with more filters, the possibility of sharing on social media, wish list and real time tracking of your order.
  • Sections with exclusive lookbook and season content.

Continuing with its clean and subtle design line, SUITEBLANCO is completely renovating its online store in order to provide a much more intuitive user experience, with a simple environment and efficient management.

The new SUITEBLANCO.COM shopping experience means image, speed and personalization.  We can now access a series of filters by colour and size that greatly speed up shopping processes, making it possible to choose between viewing 3 or 6 products per line on screen; searching for products; creating favourites lists or making a wish list that can be shared on social media.

The content readjusts to the size of the device used for viewing the page, whether it is a desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet. The images are larger, even full screen, so that each of the products, such as the key looks for each season, enable a high quality zoom that shows the clothing in full detail. To this improvement with great visual impact we must add the facility of being able to buy by clicking directly on the image the clothing items you are viewing – or even the whole look.

In terms of logistics the great novelty is the express delivery service that provides urgent delivery within 24h minimum and 48h maximum.


Nota de Prensa 2014-11-04 Irina Shayk

The Spanish fashion brand presents its party collection with a spectacular Irina Shayk.  

Warm furs, shimmering glamour and statement accessories are the cornerstones of a campaign where evening looks are the protagonist.    With extra seduction provided by top model Irina Shayk, SUITEBLANCO presents its new party collection, revealing the sexiest and most sophisticated version of each garment.

For the party season there is one key word:  sequins. Whether in their most measured version in black or in iridescent gold or green hues – sequinned dresses and tops are still a safe bet to shine.   Alongside sequins, mirror detailing is the great novelty of the season, creating a jewel effect in full outfits and giving pleated pants or ultra lady skirts a more relaxed and fun air.

Transparencies are coming to the fore in their most daring version and Oriental inspired pieces provide an exotic touch with fabrics laden with beading and fringes.

The presence of glass maxi-jewellery that has been characteristic of the winter season is becoming even more intense if possible; likewise rigid and shiny architectural handbags, which are still the best option to give any outfit a special twist.

Complementing the party collection, SUITEBLANCO enriches its coat line with suedes and leathers, and even craquelure jackets in metallic tones.   An expression of elegance with an informal and youthful touch that combines perfectly daytime fabrics like wool with evening ones like satin and jacquard, proving that the main goal of these garments is not only to keep you warm but also to complement an always chic look.